moving day — new webpage!

Moving moving! I have decided to move this webpage to a new domain. is really a great service, but it is very restrictive in what you are allowed to do, and as this website grows that restriction is getting a little annoying. So on to my own domain! Unfortunately someone has already bought davidinjapan, so I had to settle for a different name. But I think my choice works. Introducing:

Please update your bookmarks and rss subscriptions. If possible I will try to set this page to auto-redirect to the new site, but I’m not sure if will allow me to do that or not.

The new site is not 1000% complete yet. I’m not in love with the new theme and some of the old links don’t work anymore, but I’m fixing stuff as I can. So what are you waiting for, go there now!!!

(oh, and please leave all future post comments at the new site, not here. Thanks!)


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